misc. photoshoppery

an odd collection of photoshopped silliness.
the reasons for making aren’t always memorable, but the pictures remain…

marrow armour for cats

a compilation of a collective photoshop session

AGT Rave Cru up in the mix

Shakespeare is impressed

I have no idea

Still no idea

Nope, me either

Speech causes babies to surf dolphins

Police vans showed up and busted some young punk

Jackson Pollock/ Nike dunk collabo

Illicit Fungal Junkie artwork

fashion label meets internet slang


smoking stunts your growth

Slim Shady got Dooped

Car crash apparently. RIP Sampras

The Catrix


Led Zeppelin singer rodent shocker

TV toilet

internet sensation Thumb boy gets a remix

Willy Wonka discovers a rogue Oompa Loompa

Sim card


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