Dillicious again

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more photoshop silliness going on over at Slap.
another picture of Mr Dill gets the treatment…

classic album cover tweakage:

and Chet Dilldress makes an appearance:

and the original


the station

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Farnham station, a legendary skatespot if ever there was one.
This is a preparatory sketch for something a little more fun…

bluebonic plague

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the plague of blobs continues. early morning spray action

free stuff hype

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I won some shoes in a Crossfire comp last year, but they never showed. Bummer.
But look what showed up earlier…

thanks Vans!

E17 town square

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well jazz

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Went to a improvisational jazz gig hoping for some jazzy goodness.
Instead I got an Eraserhead-haired guy making live dubstep from some music box – but without a beat

and a guy having a fight with an accordion, while his jazz partner in crime raped a clarinet…

Alas, it wasn’t my thing

not only is Bastien in Street League this year…

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he seems to be in Kiss as well!

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