De La Soul gets jacked


The D.A.I.S.Y. age returns with a vengeance – Maseo, Posdnous and Trugoy say no go

“I don’t know, I thought it was supposed to be about peace signs…”


Sleep skating

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Scrappy and dashed off? Yes.
Fun? Absolutely!

Victoria benches


Once upon a time, a time before skate-stoppers, Victoria benches was a rather nice place to skate.

ink and acrylic on paper

scanned version

“another Wu Banger…”

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Inspired by two misappropriated Wu Tang quotes, not to mention

“Raekwon the chef… he be cooking up some marvellous sh!t to get your mouth watering”

Cultural Vandalism No.1

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Britain’s best loved artist Damien Hirst, 47, has just unveiled his latest masterpiece.
“I really tried to bare my soul, to reveal my inner essense with this work”


will exchange drawings for stickers

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This was fun: an experimental portrait of Neil and his lady.
Felt-tip doodle meets ‘proper’ drawing via Photoshop cut’n’pasting

Meditation’s what you need

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I seem to be running a sideline in Jereme Rogers cartoons…
Did a drawing for
using a rather lovely quote about his fear of spiders