dj twit mixes

All these mixes were made using turntables, and sliced up in Protools.
Usually featuring hiphop beats/ samples; and often sneaking into pop, rock, jazz-noodling and dancey gurners.
Click on the Soundcloud player to listen or download ’em;
click on cover art to view tracklists at a bigger size

Boombap Crailtap
An 80 minute mix of hip hop and samples used on skate videos.

new download link

Lil Wayne, crailtap


a warming dose of hiphop, jazzy beats, and a few choice pop songs thrown in for good measure

an upbeat dancey mix. Very good for cleaning the house to!

an off-beat, sample-heavy mix. Aimed more for headphones than dancefloors. Split into four parts to aid digestion.

7 minute mix
Chock full of breaks, beats and curious samples. And perhaps a little scratching for good measure.

TVS mix
Instrumental beats, scratches, and skate video tracks.

Ample Soup
a fairly simple affair – hip hop, beats and a few curveballs thrown in for good measure.


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