Bed monsters

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Monsters under the bed discuss codes of conduct.
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Blue Meanie


OK, I lied. Multi-coloured meanie doesn’t have quite the same impact…
More blob action, Tottenham

Side Effects

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a very old edit I made of the first Side Effects show in London during 2001.
Skates in order of appearance: Joey Crack, Nick Zorlac, Nick Jenson, Chris Pulman, Paul Shier, Tom thing, Greg from Cide, Fos, Herrick,
Dave Chesson, Chopper, Terrance, Rodney Clark and Emilio

Dorkism DVD cover

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mild Sgt Pepper influence on this one. many Farnham skaters!

Ricky Oyola skates for Ugg

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a couple of silly skate photoshops

Ronnie Creager – latest skate rapper?

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Tape mountain

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