alphabet aerobics

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Some sketchbook lettering stuff

and a daft creature for good measure


Window blind

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Heres a silly birthday card I made…

front cover

inside picture

foreground props

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An excellent video of Chris Oliver at the BMX park surfaced this week.
It was rather nice to see this in the foreground…

and heres the original video

spam spam, skate print, spam…

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Hippy dude, frontside ollie, BMXican park, Tottenham 2011

Ink/ photoshopped drawing, printed on very lovely A3 310gsm paper, £18
(prints cost £12.50 to get done, plus p+p for UK deliveries. Overseas will be more expensive etc etc)

If you would like one, send me a message.

Imaginary board graphic no.6


“…then he screams into the phone, “And fuck school, for that matter!”
A statement that had absolutely nothing to do with the conversation up to that point”

this one was inspired by Tim O Connor’s story about Philly legend Fred Gall
over on

I wonder if they drink Stella in the US…