mountain climber

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Bench shadow

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sounds like a whiffy trip hop record.

Park bench pencil scribble, long summertime shadows

Hackney bonkers

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There I was, quietly drawing away in a sleepy park, then the place began booming to the sound of Dizzee Rascal’s ‘bonkers’, coming from the direction of the yellow arrow.
“Ah, its the Hackney weekend festival” I thought…

Pen drawing with photoshopped fills

Pen drawing

Purple nerple/ Walthamstow marshes

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Felt-tip doodle

and a scribble of the canal near Leabridge Road.
Yes, those are two big swans being tailed by a dinky swan. Yes, its cutesy. Yes, I revolt myself too

digging in the shoeboxes

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posted up some old photos. link here

“it was Friday afternoon in the middle of June…”

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Being that it will soon be Friday afternoon in the middle of June, here’s a homage to A Tribe Called Quest’s track ‘jam’

From left to right: Q-Tip, Phife Dawg, Consequence.
(the other things in the drawing get mentioned during the track)

Listen to the full track here:

avant garde graffiti in E17

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Who needs paint when you have ketchup?
Spotted just off the high street

This was also spotted off the high street.
Alas, I suspect I will never understand the true wisdom of this piece

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