of Heroin?

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some Trainspotting inspired silliness after it was announced that Casper Brooker is off Heroin skateboards

Maybe he’s joining Nick Trapasso



Accidental Bun Death

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An afternoon-tea-inspired-nod to McKee’s ‘accidental gun death’ graphic


The Curious Slug

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Curious Slug

Pietrigga you plonker!

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As the plight to Save Southbank gathers momentum, thoughts turn to capturing the saga of one of the world’s longest-used skatespots in film.
Or perhaps a television programme…


Cheers to beeps1973 for the inspiration!

The Story of Ben Nordberg’s arms

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Inspired by some amusing comments on the forth-coming Berrics/ Ben Nordberg section, a story of how his infamous arms came to be.
(Click on it to view the strip bigger)

Much thanks to zoro and bearVSshark

Wet paint

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Sketchbook cover doodle

The Adventures of TOX

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Warning: the following picture shows an infamous tagger being born.
Click to make bigger, blah blah blah


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